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RubyInline: A Ruby library by Ryan Davis that makes it easy to write C code inline with Ruby code, giving Ruby easy access to high-performance C functions. Character encoding: A system and code that pairs characters (whether they re Roman letters, Chinese symbols, Arabic letters, and so on) to a set of numbers that a computer can use to represent those characters. UTF-8: Unicode Transformation Format-8. A character encoding that can support any character in the Unicode standard. It supports variable-length characters, and is designed to support ASCII coding natively, while also providing the ability to use up to four bytes to represent characters from other character sets. Now you can move on to 12, where we ll develop an entire Ruby application using the knowledge obtained in this book so far.

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But what if you already sold your module and moved on to other, cooler projects what would the client do then Clearly this is an inflexible and impractical way of coding the different behaviors So what do you do instead You let the objects handle the operation themselves It sounds really obvious, but think about how much easier things will get Every new object type can retrieve or calculate its own price and return it to you all you have to do is ask for it And this is where polymorphism (and, to some extent, encapsulation) enters the scene You receive an object and have no idea of how it is implemented it may have any one of many shapes All you know is that you can ask for its price, and that s enough for you The way you do that should be familiar: >>> objectgetPrice() 2.

n this chapter we re going to step back from focusing on individual facets of Ruby and instead develop an entire program using the knowledge we ve gained so far. We re going to focus on the structural concerns of application development and look at how a flexible program structure can benefit you and other developers in the long run. The important thing to remember while working through this chapter is that the application itself is not as important as the concepts used while developing it. We ll be rapidly covering a number of areas relevant to most of application development, such as flowcharting, testing, and basic refactoring. These techniques are relevant to creating any application of a certain size.

Many standard meeting rooms feature uorescent lights and ordinary tables, but with inexpensive lighting tools, you can change the atmosphere of the room to remove the distractions of a shabby presentation environment. For example, a simple way to light up the presentation environment is with a gobo, which is a partial screen with the cutout of a pattern that s placed over a light. When you turn on the light, it projects the image of the pattern onto a surface. You could use a gobo to project a subtle pattern to cover up an uneven wall or to add a soft color to make glaring lights less obvious. As with all of the visuals you ve prepared for the presentation, any visual effects should be transparent and never distract from the message. If you ve got gobo, or any other special lighting, keep in mind that people should remember the message and not the lighting.

Before we get to any code, we re going to look at what we re going to build, why we re going to build it, and how we re going to do it.

In this chapter we re going to build a robot. Not a sci-fi type of robot, such as that in Lost In Space, but a computer program that can hold a conversation with us. These types of programs are commonly known as bots or chatterbots. Bots are present in a lot of different software and tools these days. AOL s popular Instant Messenger software comes with two bots added as default friends on your profile. You can ask them for gift ideas and movie times. In short, it s a little like talking to a customer service agent, except the agent is entirely automated. You might be familiar with bots on your own computer. Microsoft Office comes with the Clippy bot turned on by default, and many Web sites have automated chat bots (IKEA s Web site provides an excellent example).

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